Hi, I'm new to blogging and would like to start by introducing myself.  I'm a nearly middle-aged woman/wife/mother/daughter/niece/employee/friend/etc./etc., who loves to fill my free time with reading books.  I've recently decided to start reviewing books to help out new authors and also to keep a record of what I've read.


Why did I choose the name Goode2shews?  I try to emulate the poor orphan in the story, Little Goody Two-Shoes, published in 1765 by John Newbery in London.  Her name was Margery Meanwell, and she was humble and always tried to do the right thing in life, even though her circumstances were less than desirable.  She was walking around with just 1 shoe until a rich benefactor decided to gift her with a complete pair.  Upon receiving them, she was so pleased and grateful, she went around telling everyone that she now had "two shoes!"  I know in our society today, Goodie-2-shoes isn't always used as a complement, but to me, it means being grateful for all I'm given and making the most of what I've got.


On this blog, I plan to post reviews on a variety of books.  I like to read classics, young adult fiction, mysteries, suspense, horror, memoirs, self-help and nonfiction books and just about  anything that seems interesting to me at any given time.  Lately, I've especially been fascinated with near death experiences and firsthand testimony about what happens to us when we die, I'm in the process of listening to The Game of Thrones with my husband, and through the grapevine, I've learned that some authors and publishers will send out free books in exchange for honest reviews.  So stay tuned, folks.  You never know what I'll read next!


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  1. ericpgranada

    Welcome to!

    August 10, 2013
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  3. Bettymom

    Welcome, from one who is well past middle-age!

    August 10, 2013